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About Me

My name is Coach Evans and I currently have been a personal trainer in the fitness world for eight years. Coming from a strong and diverse athletic background (Soccer, Track & Field, Cross-Country and Amateur Boxing), I know the importance and health benefits of being physically fit. Physical fitness is not only about looking good but having a sound mind, good eating habits and overall being healthy. I know this may sound cliché but, it’s the truth. I am a certified Personal Trainer by International Sports Science Association; I hold a CPR/AED certification from the American Heart Association and a degree in Business Administration – Marketing from Southwestern College.


Fitness is my passion and life! In my experience of eight years, my key method in transforming people is summed up into three key points: knowledge about fitness, passion and dedication. When training a client, I try my best to understand them, their fitness goals and their weaknesses/strengths.  Focusing on supporting and encouraging my clients is also extremely important to me when it comes to training.


There are so many benefits to exercising; it boosts your confidence, improves your health and makes you mentally stronger to overcome daily challenges. Fitness is something that I know that have helped me in so many ways and I want to continue to share my experience and knowledge to help others achieve their fitness goals.

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