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At my heaviest of 230lbs, I knew that I was at a point in my life that I needed to make a change and fast.  Throughout my life, I have done every type of diet that you can think of and have taken many different kinds of diet pills. Yes, the weight came off but, it was only temporary. Finally in December 2012, I heard about P90x and decided to try it and lost 25lbs. I was excited but, I knew that I needed to be pushed more in order to get to my weight goal of 150lbs. Eventhough I lost the weight, my eating habits was still horrible and I was extremely lazy in continuing to exercise. I just didn’t have the motivation to keep going because I missed eating my “old foods” and I was an emotional eater.


One day, I was on Facebook on a friend’s profile and I came across an exercise routine that was posted by one of his friends and it looked interesting so I clicked on it to see. The routine looked so much fun and it was super easy, the trainer was very outgoing and friendly and this peaked my curiosity to find out more about him. I saw that he had a YouTube channel so I went to check it out. I was amazed about what I saw, again he was friendly and outgoing and he was very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle.

So, I sent him a message on Facebook to see if I can get some advice and hire him as my trainer. He immediately responded and answered every question that I had so, we setup a date for our first training lesson in January 2013.

When I met Evans, I explained to him what I was looking for in a trainer and what my fitness goal was. The one thing about Evans is that he is very honest, never yells but, he will push you to make you stronger and meet your goal. Most trainers don’t care at all whether you push yourself or lose weight. As long they are getting paid on time that’s all that matters but, that’s not the case with Evans, he really cares about his clients.

So, on my first day he challenged me to run around my apartment complex and that was rough. I believe I cried a few times and thought I was going to die lol, I was so out of shape and hated running but, it felt good at the end. The second day he decided to use boxing as my form of cardio and that was so much fun. Not only was it good to get outlet to release some aggression but, I was exercising at the same time. We had good days and bad days, a lot of times my weight fluctuated. I knew part of it was because I was still eating bad and when I told Evans about that, he helped me changed my diet even though it wasn’t easy. He really challenged me to become a better version of myself.


Here we are four years later still exercising and going strong. When I started with Evans back in 2013 I weighed 205lbs, today October 2017, I currently weigh 145lbs. I hit this goal actually back in 2015 and have been able to maintain it ever since and yes, we still train. I believe strongly that God brings certain people in your life for a reason and I am so grateful that he put Evans in my life. This man has helped me to live a healthy lifestyle and continue to be a better version on myself and for that I am forever grateful!

THANK YOU EVANS!!!!!!!!!!!


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