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My name is Alecia H. Mason aka Lisa and I'm a 46 year old grandmother of 4.  I started out my workout/training adventure with Evans Amoako in February, 2017.  I've always been interested in joining Coach Evans training world after seeing his impact on my nephews and my sister.  I hesitated because I was working out at the gym (when I would go) and at one point I had invested in a personal trainer at that same gym.  It was beneficial to me at that particular time, I lost weight, I built muscle and I changed my eating habits, etc.  Eventually, I fell off and all of a sudden and the weight I had lost was slowly coming back and the fat I had lost in certain areas, were visible again.  


I decided to make a conscious decision and contact Coach Evans for training sessions to begin after the 2017 Superbowl ( I know my strengths and weaknesses).  I started my first session on Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2017....I thought it would be an consultation to discuss my upcoming plans, expectations, desires, goals, etc....lo and behold, we did that and IMMEDIATELY, Evans had me on the dreaded treadmill for 15 minutes, then we did core strengthening training and ended it with ab I wasn't prepared for any of that (even though I was fully dressed), I wasn't mentally prepared...but I conquered and I continue to conquer 8 months later.  


I've lost a total of 13-14 lbs, I'm watching my food intake while making sure I'm living a healthy lifestyle with my food and drinks, my endurance is better, my strength is there, my FAT is disappearing (we're working on this 6 pack now).  I'm happy to say I can run 2 miles and better without feeling tired and defeated, my knees don't hurt (I had excruciating knee pain prior to training with Evans).  All and All I feel GREAT and I look even BETTER than before (I'm so FINE)! 


Thanks Evans Amoako for investing your 20% in me....I'm doing my 80% everyday and will continue to do IT!


#fitGAMMY #myMoneymyHealthmyWealth #HealthisWealth #determination #dedication #desire




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